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Scott W. Aalgard
Wesleyan, Asst. Prof. of East Asian Studies
Critical practice and visions of community in modern and contemporary Japanese cultural production

Marié Abe
BU, Asst. Prof. of Music
Intersection of sound, public space, and social difference in contemporary Japanese urban life through ethnographic analysis of chindon-ya

Barbara R. Ambros
UNC Chapel Hill, Prof. of East Asian Religions
Animals and religion in contemporary Japan; the life and teachings of a contemporary Shinshu healer

Galen D. Amstutz
Independent Scholar; Adj. Faculty, Institute of Buddhist Studies
New historical overview of Shin Buddhism

Marnie S. Anderson 
Smith, Assoc. Prof. of History 
Social, political, and legal history of Meiji Japan with focus on gender

Anna V. Andreeva 
Heidelberg Univ., Karl Jaspers Centre, Research Assoc. in Japanese History 
Japanese Buddhism, history of medicine, and gender in medieval Japan

Yuko Aoyama 
Clark, Prof. of Geography; Assoc. Provost and Dean of Research, Office of Academic Affairs
Globalization, social innovation, and transnational social entrepreneurship

Bruce P. Baird 
UMass Amherst, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese 
Butō, Japanese theater, intellectual history, and new media

Mikael Bauer
McGill, Asst. Prof. of Japanese Religions
Japanese premodern Buddhism and history

Jeffrey P. Bayliss 
Trinity, Assoc. Prof. of History; Chair, Department of History
History and perception of Korean athletes who participated in Japanese sports during the colonial period

Thomas U. Berger
BU, Assoc. Prof. of International Relations 
The US alliance system in Europe and East Asia in comparison

Rosemarie Bernard 
Waseda, Asst. Prof. of Anthropology and Japanese Studies 
Anthropology, ritual and politics, law, emperorship, Shinto, religion, and art

Joanne R. Bernardi 
Rochester, Prof. of Japanese and Film and Media Studies 
Re-Envisioning Japan (digital humanities project); Routledge Handbook of Japanese Cinema (co-editor); Juzō Itami (monograph)

Laura E. Bernhart-Wong
Independent Scholar; FFD Koordinatorin, German Foreign Ministry
Intercultural communication between Western Europe, East Asia and the North Americas

Victoria Lyon Bestor 
Executive Director, North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources
Library resources; development of new internet-based Open Source materials on Japan in support of undergraduate education

Phyllis Birnbaum 
Independent Scholar; Writer
Biography of Okakura Tenshin

Herbert P. Bix 
SUNY Binghamton, Prof. Emeritus of History and Sociology 
America's path to perpetual war, 1820s-present

Thomas S. Blackwood 
Tokyo International Univ., Institute for International Strategy, Prof. of Sociology
Japanese language schools as a "side-door" for labor immigration

Verena K. Blechinger-Talcott 
Free Univ. of Berlin, Prof. of Japanese Politics and Political Economy
Patterns of modernity in East Asia; Collaborative project on the emergence of global governance due to epidemics

Mark L. Blum 
UC Berkeley, Prof. and Shinjo Ito Distinguished Chair in Japanese Studies 
History of nenbutsu thought, practice, and performance

Robert Borgen 
UC Davis, Prof. Emeritus of East Asian Languages and Culture
Early Japanese cultural relations with China

Daniel Botsman 
Yale, Prof. of History 
Emancipation in 19th-century Japan; translations of recent work on Tokugawa social history

Ethan D. Bushelle
Western Washington, Visiting Asst. Prof., Department of Liberal Studies
Buddhist understandings of nature in premodern Japan

Patrick Caddeau
Princeton, Dean of Forbes College
Genji reception, ecocriticism

Gavin J. Campbell
Doshisha, Prof. of American Studies
US-Japan cultural encounters, 1830s-1890s

Matthew M. Carlson
Univ. of Vermont, Assoc. Prof. of Political Science
Political corruption and scandals, campaign finance

Haeng-ja Sachiko Chung 
Okayama Univ., Discovery Program for Global Learners, Assoc. Prof.
Program building and contents education in English and Japanese at Japanese universities

Ellen P. Conant 
Independent Scholar 
Article reappraising lives and careers of Ernest and Mary Fenollosa titled, “Unraveling the Fenellosa Narrative”

Ian Condry 
MIT, Prof. of Japanese Cultural and Media Studies 
A comparative ethnographic study of diverse music scenes (Tokyo, Boston, Berlin) as emergent social economies

Thomas D. Conlan
Princeton, Prof. of East Asian Studies and History
Court, ritual, and politics in sixteenth-century Japan

Theodore F. Cook
William Patterson, Prof. of History; Director, Asian Studies Program 
War and memory in shaping Japanese culture, especially the Asia-Pacific War

Teruko Craig 
Tufts, Senior Lecturer Emerita in Japanese
Translating essays by Fukuzawa Yukichi 

Michael P. Cronin 
College of William and Mary, Assoc. Prof. of Japanese Studies
Historical link between Osaka and the Korean island, Jeju; figure of posthuman in cultural production; alternate histories

Jennifer Cullen 
Northeastern, Lecturer, Deptartment of Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies
Shojo manga and incest films of Shinoda Masahiro

Michael A. Cusumano
MIT Sloan School, Sloan Management Review Distinguished Prof. of Management 
Entrepreneurship in Japan